In order to enhance UI’s investment, development and disposition activities, we provide fully integrated asset and investment management services. In Japan these services are provided by UIG Asset Management (fully licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency) and in China by Song Lan Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co.

UI understands the various reporting needs and investment objectives of fund managers, and multinational real estate investors. Our asset management services are dedicated to finding ways to maximize real estate operating performance. UI utilizes its niche logistics expertise to provide superior support to its capital partners throughout the entire real estate investment cycle and endeavors to help maximize capital partner value.

The team is backed by a proven track record and is ideally suited to provide property-level strategic counsel from the very initial stages of a real estate acquisition through to investment planning and management.


UI provides fundamental underwriting and due diligence as well as market analysis of the underlying real estate and sub-markets. We take a consistent and disciplined investment approach, with every opportunity assessed individually on its fundamentals. UI reviews and advises as appropriate regarding all third party reports, including but not limited to appraisal, engineering and seismic calculations, Probable Maximum Loss (PML), and environmental assessment (if necessary). In addition, UI coordinates the legal, accounting, insurance and tax reviews undertaken by appropriate third parties.


The UI team has planned, designed and developed over one million m2 of logistics space in the past ten years. Capabilities include land rezoning, planning, design and construction. The team members were the first to develop fully ramped facilities available for lease (as opposed to owner use) in Japan, and continue to innovate logistics design in conjunction with the needs of our vast pool of tenant relationships. Areas where UI can provide assistance includes:

Planning – consultation for the development of floor plans, specifications, rent setting, etc., in accordance with market and tenant characteristics

Zoning – industrial land rezoning and negotiation support with local government offices, and repositioning of development projects

Operational Strategy – development of operational strategies for medium to long-term investments, taking into account aspects of leasing operation efficiency and tenant satisfaction. Competitive building analysis and leasing strategy formulation as well as identification of exit options and disposition support

Property Management – management and maintenance including the bidding, negotiating, and contracting building maintenance services. Management of necessary applications and notifications to city officials in relation to building and/or tenant related matters. Management and supervision of tenant improvement work and other CAPEX projects