Location Miyoshi, Saitama, Greater Tokyo Area
Type Under Development
Asset Type Warehouse & Distribution Facility – Additional Development
Land Area 13,374m²
Gross Floor Area 6,814m²
Combined Gross Floor Area 16,950m²
Structure Steel
Acquisition Closing July, 2014
Development Closing September 2018
Completion June, 2019

UIG AM remained as the asset manager for the investor that acquired the asset in July 2014. As part of its asset management functions, UIG AM and UI were able to secure an adjacent parcel of land of approximately 3,200 m2 to undertake an additional development of the site. As part of this strategy, UI secured a tenant which committed to the additional GFA development of approximately 6,800m2 which facilitated the development and planning approval and building permit.

UIG AM was responsible for all aspects of the development planning and approval process. It was instrumental in sourcing a new buyer that has committed to acquire the existing Miyoshi facility and additional development on completion.